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let's bloo this!

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
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[This community's sole purpose is to spread the love and support for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends]
[It is the first, and therefore official, Foster's Livejournal community]
[This community is maintained by nowheregone]

[Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends comes from the genius mind of Craig McCracken (the creator of the Powerpuff Girls, who knew he had so much potential, eh?). The story is about a "foster home" created by an old lady, Madame Foster, for imaginary friends that are no longer needed. The main character is a cute little boy with a big head named Mac. Mac's mother demands that Mac get rid of his imaginary friend, Bloo (he's blue. and oh so cute) because Mac is too old for an imaginary friend. So, you guessed it, Mac takes Bloo to Foster's. The rules at Foster's, however, state that all imaginary friends are up for adoption, and since Bloo is the cutest of them all, an extremely snotty little girl decides she wants him, and she wants his name to be Tiffany. Bloo of course isn't too fond of this idea. In the end, Mac pulls through, proves his loyalty and saves the day. Madame Foster decides that Bloo can stay at Foster's without risk of adoption as long as Mac visits every day. And that's just the Pilot! The episodes to come are full of Mac and Bloo's wacky adventures with the imaginary friends. Among them are Wilt, a tall somewhat goofy looking fellow with a tiny left arm and a crooked left eye who is just as polite as can be. Coco, an airplane-bird-plant thing who only says "Coco" and lays eggs filled with prizes. And Eduardo, a giant, scary, spanish, bull-looking creature who wouldn't hurt a fly...because he's too scared of them.]

[Tune in to Cartoon Network]
[Friday at 7PM]
[Friday at 10PM]
[Saturday at 10AM]
[Sunday at Noon]
[Sunday at 7PM]
[All times are Eastern]
[New episodes are Friday at 7]
[Make sure to tell all your friends to watch it too. You wouldn't want them to miss out, would you? Then what kind of friend would you be, hmmm?]

Official Foster's site
Foster's @ tvtome.com
Foster's message board

[That's right. Spread the love. Link back to this community as often as you can. In your user info. On your website. Message boards. Everywhere!]
[Make sure you don't limit the love spreading to this community though. Spread love for the show as well. If you're talking about Bloo or Eduardo and your buddy has no clue what you're talking about, make them watch the show. Tie them to a chair if you have to. Whatever it takes. Spread the love.]

[I'd appreciate if you'd slap one of these in your user info.]

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-Vote for your favorite character.

-If you have any questions/comments/suggestions/whatever please email me (disulat@gmail.com)