Chelsea Rae (secreteggshells) wrote in letsbloothis,
Chelsea Rae

Cocoa nuts are falling from...

Bloo: Mac-a-laca, so glad you could make it!

Harriman: I trust I can count on you to refrain from your usually numb skull plots and knucklehead shenanigans.
Bloo: They are really more like hairbrained schemes
Harriman: If they were hairbrained they'd be clever. Now do we have an understanding?
Bloo: I respect your authority without question. You have my word... That this will be the wildest parti-est house-i-est house party this house has ever partied!

What they call Mr. Harriman.
Icky Von Yuck Yuck
Blickity McBarf
Grossy Grossicide
(The one where they throw the wild party)

Pantsless Joe
(the adopt a thought episode)

Bloo: Blah blah blah look at me dancing around! My name's Bloo and I'm the best... around!
Mac: You just rhymed around with around.

Mr. Harriman comes home to discover Bloo held a wild part.
Bloo: We were robed! Faulty plumbing! It's monsoon season! Winter winds!
Mr. Harriman: Or a wild party?
Bloo: No, now excuse me while I go chase down my naked friend.

He's using a knife for a pizza...
Quenching your thirst eh?...
Washing the old hands eh?...
Madam Foster eh...

Mac: (reading headlines) Crazed Uncle Pockets Cuts Cheese Pizza, Pockets Can't Wash Away Guilt, Evil Uncle Can't Quench Thirst For Evil
Bloo this is all lies!
Bloo: Oh yeah, if it's all lies then howcome it's in the newspaper?
Mac: Because you put it there!
Bloo: Listen, kid, it's called jour-na-lis-er-um. And as journalists our number one duty is to sell papers at all costs. Even if that means exaggerating and blowing things out of proportion. For instance I've seen headlines that say "Bigfoot marries alien."!
Mac: That's ridiculous...
Bloo: Well, duh, we all know Bigfoot is a loner and would never get married. Bending the truth to make stories more exciting is what being a reporter is all about.
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