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advert for Foster_claims

For any new fans that might not know there's a claim community where you can claim any foster related items (characters, episodes, moments, quotes, etc) as long as someone else hasn't beat you to it. The list of claims and what is available is in the user info of the site. You have up to 5 claims and you do not have to claim all at once.
The list is ever growing as more fans add quotes and other background characters. Actually thanks to the dvd set I'll go ahead and add the background friends that are not in the list

And why of all times do I choose to advertise again now? well actually as far as a claim opening this is very exciting. the ljer that had these claims deleted his or her journal name. Therefore it's my pleasure to tell you that one of the biggest stars of the show, Blooregard Q. Kazoo is claimable!! So first to answer the particular post in Foster_claims, WINS BLOO!
also up for grabs Orlando Bloo, and the quote: "it's hot in toepeka!"

So please come by not just for Bloo but for anything you'd like to claim

PS I'd be happy to add your link and banner to my site
can you the claims community to yours too?
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