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foster's music video

Hello everyone, I'm new. :)

I'm from Germany, I'm 21 and I've just recently discovered Foster's. I've never seen it in German though (and I'm kinda glad!... german dubs suck XD) because on the day I actually sat down to watch the show, I realized it was already taken off schedule. Boo :( But thanks to a certain fansite I had the chance to watch all 4 seasons, and what can I say - I am completely in love with this show.
My fav characters are (of course) Bloo, Wilt, Cheese and Frankie.
And I have a strange fascination for Bendy, too. :x

Anyhow, being all obsessed with Foster's, I decided to create a music video.
The song is "Kiss me deadly" by Reel Big Fish.
Here's the link:
It's supposed to be lip-synch at some parts and the scenes should fit to the lyrics, so if neither of this is the case, then blame YouTube. =/
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video XD comments are appreciated :3
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