Obsidian Blackbird McKnight (ladracul) wrote in letsbloothis,
Obsidian Blackbird McKnight

Hello, I'm new here.

Love this show, since I love absurd humor. And Cheese is probably one of the best cartoon characters EVER.

However, one unanswered question has been nagging me...what happened to Mac's dad? I don't think they've brought it up in the series, but I've never liked his mom for making Mac sever ties with the only true friend he has thinking he's too old for an imaginary one. (Though he wouldn't have gone to Foster's if she hadn't made him.) It makes me wonder if like in "E.T." they had gotten separated or divorced, or he might have passed away when Mac was little. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that Mac and Bloo need each other since his mom is hardly there for him and his big brother is a creep. As he said to Goo, "Imaginary friends ARE real friends!"

But again, hi. :)
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